Trade Crypto
with the Experts.

The #1 bot for Telegram and Discord trading groups.


Real-Time Trading Alerts

We will notify your members in real-time every time you make a trade from your exchange.


Social Trading

Your members can manually or automatically copy your trades in real-time within your group.


Earn Crypto Monthly

You can charge up to $5,000 for every member that registers to mirror your trades with TokenBot®.

Do you manage a trading group?

TokenBot® enables group admins to share trades directly to members in real-time.


Social Trading Marketplace

TokenBot® will monitor your exchange account and automatically notify members with details about your trading activity in real-time.


Share Your Trades

Connect your exchanges and share your trades in real-time with members. Members will have the option to mirror your trade in just one click.


Unlimited Earning Potential

With as little as 20 traders, you can earn at minimum $2,000 per month. The more traders you have, the more you will earn.

Note: Your information is always kept private, confidential and encrypted.

Earn money trading crypto in Telegram and Discord.