Chat Bot for
Crypto OTC Desks

supported in popular messaging applications


Secure OTC Trading

Securely create and route OTC order requests to your partner desks.


Instant RFQ Alerts

Submit and accept bids at a agreed upon price directly in messaging apps.


Competitive Quotes

Scale your OTC orders to stay ahead of the crypto market volatility.

Do you have an Crypto OTC Desk?

TokenBot™ enables OTC Desks to streamline and scale their order requests and responses to hundreds of OTC partners within seconds. Request a demo today.


Advanced RFQ Routing

Launch TokenBot™ for your exchange to allow U.S. investors to purchase Bitcoin or Ethereum with Visa/MasterCard or ACH and directly deposit into your exchange.


Messaging Platform Support

Quickly execute market sell and buy orders without being in front of the computer. All transactions are executed securely within seconds and your traders do not need to worry about missing their next profit-taking opportunity.


Privacy Guaranteed

TokenBot™ enables your most experienced and influential traders to share their trading data to less experienced traders through messaging apps. Traders pay and subscribe to receive real-time live trades.

The easy way to monitor and trade crypto in all your favorite messaging applications.