Trade Crypto
with the Experts.

in all your favorite messaging applications


Trading Notifications

Get notified instantly when professional traders and crypto influencers make trades on your exchange.


Secure Trading

Mirror trades in real-time with one-click securely from your mobile phone using two-factor authentication.


Authenticity Guaranteed

All trading notifications is sourced directly from the exchange accounts of our professional crypto traders.

Are you an Experienced Crypto Trader?

TokenBot™ enables experienced and influential traders to share their trading data to less experienced traders through messaging apps. Traders pay and subscribe to receive real-time live trades.


Social Trading Marketplace

TokenBot™ will monitor your crypto exchange account and automatically notify susbcribers with details about your trading activity in real-time. Subscribers will have the option to mirror your trade in just one click.


Share Your Trades

Connect your exchanges and share your trades in real-time with subscribers. Your information is always kept private, confidential and encrypted.


Unlimited Earning Potential

With as little as 100 subscribers, you can earn at minimum $8,000 per month. The more followers you have, the more you will earn.

The easy way to monitor and trade crypto in all your favorite messaging applications.