Frequently Asked Questions

Effective date: April 22nd, 2019

What is TokenBot™?

TokenBot™ is a notification platform that gives inexperienced crypto traders the ability to track & mirror every trade executed by seasoned investors in real-time.

How does TokenBot™ benefit seasoned crypto investors?

TokenBot™ enables expert crypto investors with the ability to profit by sharing their trading details in real-time with inexperienced traders. The more novice investors subcribed to your trading notifications, the more money you will earn.

How does TokenBot™ benefit novice investors?

TokenBot™ enables novice crypto investors with the ability make smarter trades by following in the footsteps of experts. We monitor the exchange accounts of top crypto traders and notify subscribers everytime a trade is executed.

How much can I earn as a TokenBot™ Expert?

By default you can earn $99 per person subscribed to your trading notifications. You can modify your pricing to $49 or $199 per person at your own discretion.

How do I register to become a TokenBot™ Expert?

Becoming a TokenBot™ Expert only takes a few minutes. When your registration has been completed, you will receive a special link to market your trading notifications to potential subscribers. Register now at here.

How do I subscribe to trading notifications from a TokenBot™ Expert?

Subcribing to trading notifications from a TokenBot™ Expert is simple. Just click the link provided by the TokenBot™ Expert you wish to follow and enter your payment details. Once your payment has been confirmed, you will begin to receive trading notifications in the TokenBot™ conversation within your messaging application.

How do I mirror a trade from a TokenBot™ Expert?

When you receive a trading notification from an TokenBot™ Expert - you will have to option to BUY or SELL. Simply click the button to execute the order.

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